Learn To Cook Keto!

Like what you’re seeing on the Lunchbox, but a little shaky on your kitchen skills?

Not quite managing off my witty, convoluted, sometimes confusing explanations of what “shimmering” oil looks like, or how one might “shimmy” vegetables around a pan for a while? How do you know when you’ve browned ground beef when it’s already brown to begin with?

You aren’t alone.  I try to explain the best I can, but some things are best learned kinesthetically.

Which is why I am now giving cooking lessons for people in the Burlington County area!


Whatever you’re hoping to learn, I would love the opportunity to help.  From sourcing affordable materials or setting up a keto-friendly pantry, to learning a specific recipe, cuisine, or technique, I’ll work with you to meet your culinary goals and become the Epicurean you always knew you could be!

Why learn to cook at all, you ask?

Well, while I find the activity a fun and relaxing way to be pragmatically creative, home cooking is really your best bet to taking ownership of your health and body weight.  According to studies (the most inclusive being sourced at the bottom of this page), the more time consumers spend preparing their own meals at home, the less likely that those consumers will be obese.

We’ve seen, in the last 70+ years, obesity sky rocket to the levels we see today, and along with it, correlated ailments like cancer, type II diabetes, and psychological distress.  Within that same timeframe, we’ve also seen the dawn of fast food and the rise in Americans eating meals outside the home. Food made on an industrial scale or even in a mom-and-pop level diner isn’t the same, generally, as food prepared at home.  A shining example of this is bread.  Historically, bread contains (with little variation) three ingredients: flour, yeast, and water.  Pick up a sleeve of your favorite, “healthy” whole wheat bread, and you’re looking at roughly 26+ ingredients, several of which are hard to pronounce and/or produce inflammatory responses in the body.  Yuck!

When you prepare your own food, you are taking back the control of what you consume.  You are able to read an ingredient label before you buy it, so that you know you’re using 100% olive oil and not 10% olive oil PLUS 90% soybean oil that sells for $2.00 per gallon.  Selling a product that’s labeled “Lean” or “Healthy” can mean pretty much anything these days, so your personal ideas of what is a clean and thoughtful product probably do not coincide with what you’re buying out of convenience.

Also, convenience leads us to overeat.  It’s so easy!  I was watching a Netflix documentary this week called Cooking, and a speaker on it said that he would recommend that someone who wants to eat apple pie, ice cream, and cookies for dinner go ahead and do that!  … Under one condition: You have to make all of those things from scratch.  How many people will really go ahead and do that?  And even if they did, the most likely outcome is that they will buy the highest quality ingredients their budget will afford, then prepare them in the simplest way possible.  No scouring the grocery aisles for Trisodium Citrate or Sodium Alginate here!

By taking ownership of your diet in learning to cook, you are regaining control over the function of your body.  You are able to truly know what fuels you, and ensure that what fuels you is in your best interests, and not the best interests of a food manufacturing corporation’s shareholders.



So if the ketogenic diet is something you’d like to try out, but you’re struggling with where to start, let me help!


Consultation will be free, local, and in person.

Some of the things I offer (although if I miss anything, feel free to ask!):

  • Navigating the grocery store to set up for a keto kitchen!
    • I’ll meet you at the stores and show you how I source the highest quality for the lowest cost, while explaining why certain ingredients trump others and how they apply to a healthy, balanced keto diet.
    • Free for the first outing, then $25 for any outings afterwards by request.  Trips would include up to four groceries (not necessarily this many, we can discuss your options) to help you find the best quality products at the lowest prices. (You usually only really need to do this once, and it will ultimately show you how to make keto a more comfortably budgeted lifestyle for you in the long run.)
  • Keto coaching!
    • All these ingredients and no idea what to do with them?  That’s okay!  I will make myself available all month with recipes, tips, tricks, and resources to help you get on track, get excited, and sharpen your skills!
    • $25 per month gets you unlimited contact (facebook, email, and/or phone) for resources, support, questions, and tailored recipes for your needs, skill level, and available time.
  • Individual, one-on-one cooking lessons!
    • Just because you have the ingredients and you have the recipe, doesn’t always mean you will learn the skill without costly mistakes and wasted food.  That’s where I come in!  I can bring my excessive food nerd skills to you and teach you how to rock the stovetop in the comfort of your own home.
    • $15 per hour, plus cost of materials.

If you’re interested, drop me a line, either on my contact page, or to my direct email:




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*Note:  I’m a cook with a history in the culinary industry, not a nutritionist or dietician.  My information comes from extensive research on the subject, and personal experience.