Juliette’s Corner: Orange, Sweet Potato, and Almond Pudding

Oh yes, folks, Juliette’s corner is here again, this time bringing you a lovely recipe for the paleo-preferring, health-conscious, tiny baby diva (or dude) in your life!

My kids don’t follow a strict keto diet, but I do feed them whole, unprocessed foods. They eat a lot of color, and when I do Jute’s purees for the week, I try to form a rainbow, because it tells me her nutrition is varied.  This week, the biggest winner in our fridge was a super-smooth sweet potato pudding that I ended up going through in under 24 hours because Hazel insisted on getting in on the action as well!

Orange, Sweet Potato, and Almond Pudding

Imagine if all baby food was this pretty!


1 very large, or 2 fairly small sweet potatoes (enough to make about a cup and a half of mash)

1/4 peeled minneola or orange

3 tbs almond butter

2 tbs grassfed butter, melted


  1. Roast the sweet potato(s) for about 60 minutes or so at 400 degrees.  I recommend actually over roasting them a little.  I like that the bottom gets kinda black and charred because it adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the finished product, as well as really making the sweetness of the vegetable stand front and center!
  2. After the potato cools a fair bit, add it into a blender (or in our case, a nutribullet) with the other ingredients.  Add enough water not to totally turn it into slush, but enough to puree effectively.  I would say start low at maybe 1/3 c, and slowly add more as needed.  I would puree, and if it kinda got to where the blades were free-spinning, I would shake up my bullet (if you’re using a blender, that means scrape down the sides, and push down on the contents) and blend it up again.  Feel it out.
  3. Once your puree is velvety soft and free of any lumps, put it into a container for safe keeping!  It should be a little thicker than apple sauce, though not as lumpy, and able to be fed to baby by spoon.

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