Quick and Easy (and Really, Only Semi-Homemade) Red Curry Cod with Vegetables

Do I know how to make a curry paste from scratch?


Do I always feel like making a curry paste from scratch?

Dear God, no.

And that’s where I was at tonight.

Now, admittedly, part of that comes from the fact that our budget is pretty limited and I happened to find a jar of Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste in my mom’s pantry during a visit with the girls.  I knew I had a can of coconut milk and a bunch of odds-and-ends vegetables sitting unused in the fridge, so, naturally, I asked if I could confiscate it and concoct something easy.

The other part of why I’m putting a jarred curry on my precious, scratch-food blog is because I think we all need some options in our pockets for when life has been pelting you with hardballs and all you want is to toss together some comfort food that doesn’t require an insane amount of leg work to throw together.  But I do believe that even simple things need to be done correctly to be brilliant, so the focus on a recipe like this is on timing the ingredients.

The fish pieces are cut into big chunks.  I actually cut each of my three six-ounce filets into three pieces (I cut the thinnest 2″ off, then cut the remainder in half.). That way, they won’t get yucky during the time it takes to cook the vegetables that take longer to soften. The vegetables are also added in stages, since cooking a zucchini slice in the same time it takes to soften a bell pepper strip would leave you with drippy, nasty slime that no one wants to eat.  So mind your veggies, watch the clock, and enjoy.

Quick and Easy Red Curry Vegetables



3 Tbs Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste

1 tsp Truvia (or no calorie sweetener of choice)

1 12.5 oz can coconut milk

3 6-oz filets of cod (or other thick, flakey white fish)

1-1/2 c chicken stock (I use homemade because then I have the chicken fat readily available for the next ingredient on this list)

1/3 c chicken fat

1 c bell pepper strips (I used red and orange but it’s whatever you have on hand)

1 c asparagus, cut into bite sized bars and sliced on a bias

3/4 c (appx 2 caps) portobello mushroom slices

1/2 c frozen broccoli florets

1 c zucchini, cut into 1/4″ half moon slices

2 c shredded green or napa cabbage

appx 1/4 c each chopped cilantro and scallions, for garnish


  1. Make sure that ALL of your ingredients are ready before you even start the heat on the stovetop.  Arrange your chopped vegetables into three piles (these represent timing it’ll take to cook them):
    • (Group A) – Peppers, broccoli, and asparagus stems (do not include the spear tips – the part with all that green fluffiness on top)
    • (Group B) – Asparagus tips and shredded cabbage
    • (Group C) – Portobellos and zucchini
  2. Now, in a medium sized sauce pan, add the coconut milk, Truvia, chicken stock, chicken fat, and curry paste.  Bring to a slow boil over high heat.  Add cod and vegetable group A. Reduce heat to medium high and cover for about 3 minutes.
  3. Uncover. If the fish wasn’t submerged, flip the pieces.  Add vegetable group B. Cover for another 3 minutes.
  4. Add vegetable group C.  Cover for another 3 minutes.
  5. Remove from heat.  Allow to chill for about 5 minutes before serving with cilantro and scallion sprinkled on top.



Cals: 318;   Fat: 24.1g;   Carb: 8.8g;   Fiber: 4.3g;  Protein: 18.6g


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