Juliette’s Corner: Kale, Blueberry, and Avocado Puree

Julie was somewhat difficult to persuade that solids could possibly be any better than a good, old-fashioned bottle.  And I get that.  It’s kinda a tall order to replace something that’s given her so much comfort and sustenance for so long — her whole life, in fact! I’ve been scratching my head (and abusing my Nutribullet) trying to make different combinations that she might like, hoping to include her in our family meals.  All to no avail, until today when we finally managed to save enough to get her a high chair of her very own.

Meals together are one of the most important things to me with my family.  I remember having them often with my family as a kid, although my dad worked really long hours so I’m not sure if I remember these events because they were a staple or rather because they were so special when they happened.  I do know that healthy cooking was something my dad always valued about my mom, though, and I think that’s why, when I was shaping myself as a younger person, I really decided to funnel so much energy into shaping my skills in this department. I see it as my role to provide the same function for my ladybugs and their dad.

This puree is actually a derivative of a smoothie that I make for Hazel and I pretty often.  When I was going through induction flu, I would puree about 10 blueberries, a half inch piece of ginger, some salt, and water and drink that to ease the headaches and nausea.  Now, Hazel and I have the same thing, minus the ginger and salt, for our first drink of the morning every morning. It was during this ritual that I noticed Juliette making smacking noises and staring hard at our glasses, so I decided that maybe this would be the day that we could finally all eat together!  I put a half an avocado into the Nutribullet with the rest of our smoothie and it made the PERFECT consistency for baby’s first serious breakfast.

She thought so too, as you can clearly see from her photo!


Kale, Blueberry, and Avocado Puree

Jute loves her some kale!!!


  • 1 c frozen kale
  • 1 c water
  • 1/4 c frozen or fresh blueberries
  • 1/2 Haas avocado (They don’t really vary THAT much in size, so this is a pretty standard unit of measurement as far as this recipe is concerned.)


  1. The “Method” heading is a little misleading here.  Put it all in a blender and make it smooth.  Feed to the baby.  I mean, it’s pretty straight forward, so if you’re relying on my instructions on what to do with those ingredients for a puree, might I recommend making ABSOLUTELY sure you’re crossing the street only at designated crosswalks?  Your judgement might not be trustworthy enough to gamble with cars.

I save leftover puree in a mason jar in the fridge and what Jules doesn’t eat in 3 days, I’ll feed to the elder goblin, Hazel!  🙂

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